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Let's put the words in your head, on paper. We publish, we edit and we can show you how to, too!


Writing Coach

I'm going to help you tell your story.

Maybe you are ready to write that book and you don't know where to start. Or maybe you started, but lost your thoughts along the way. 


A writing coach (this one for sure) can boost your story and give it an edge that will help you gain sales! Let me help you build a skeleton and mold your thoughts on paper to capture the audience.


Different packages are available to suit your needs. I can help you start from scratch or just assist and guide you along the way. You choose how much of me you need! 

Meet The Founder & Author
Jenny Thelwell


There is always more than a title that makes a person. Meet Jenny Thelwell. She has many roles to accomplish every day - Life coach. Doctoral student. Educator. Mother. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Soldier. Survivor. Child of God. Her first book, Pressure Point, is Jenny‘s transparent memoir about how she learned to convert trauma into victory. A survivor of sexual abuse, Jenny lives to teach others how to progress from victim of any circumstance to victor.

Jenny's life experiences built the foundation for Revolutionary Diamond and Revolutionary Diamond gave Jenny the platform to be a life coach and change lives with her story. With a passion for expression , Jenny not only published her first book, Pressure Point, but she took it a step further and became a Writing coach, to help women like herself write their masterpieces with confidence. 

Your story is more important than you know and sometimes it just takes the right person to listen and an even more courageous person to tell it. The time is NOW !


We all have a story to tell. What's yours?




Community Hero


50 Under 50

Alabama State University Alumni Inductee


40 Under 40

Miami Legacy Inductee 



Published by Revolutionary Diamond

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Pressure Point

Embrace the Pressure

What scares you? What paralyzes you from moving on with your life? What keeps you from rising above all the naysayers? Each of these questions could be easily answered with one word: fear. You need to know that God is aware of your fears and that is why he has graciously sent you pressure point to deal with it. That’s right! The way to liberation is handling whatever comes your way. In this book, I share the pressure points that I faced from childhood, living in a poverty to an adult who thought she had it all together before I learned how to make a life for myself. By the time you finish reading this book you will learn how to move into a dimension of positivity and abundance to live the life that God intended you to live.

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This scholarship will go to a high school recipient who has the tenacity to rise above any adversity with a "keep going" attitude. This scholarship is for a student who in a building, envisions a million ways to break through each wall including the roof.

For High School students in South Florida attending 


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